Why do you have to buy brand when you buy bathroom?

2019-09-21  1829

Home decoration to buy bathroom, need to consider the quality is the basic common sense. But in the process of choosing and purchasing sanitary ware, many owners are greedy for cheap and unwilling to buy brand sanitary ware with reasonable price and quality.

At this time, our guide friends will be very frank to explain to customers why brand bathroom is not cheap, as well as the fact that the consequences of greedy and cheap bathroom is very serious.

1. Why do you want to buy a brand for bathroom?

Many customers will ask why this toilet is as expensive as other stores.

Is that really the case?

No, there are many differences.

The materials used are different. There are also different sorting standards of factories, different service of businessmen, different after-sales service guarantee, and different guarantee of each brand. Each of these differences will bring different value to customers.

(1) Brand bathroom has passed the test of time and word of mouth

Bathroom brand establishment time is less than ten years, more than a few decades, need to experience a strong old customer reputation and public opinion supervision, so all aspects will be guaranteed.

(2) Brand bathroom has strength and quality assurance

Bathroom needs dozens of natural raw materials, through dozens of equipment, through dozens of harsh process manufacturing. Good bathroom costs more. For example, the toilet is manufactured and needs to be inspected to remove glazed, flushed, deformed and unqualified absorption. The selection criteria of good sanitary ware are stricter than national standards, and unqualified products need to be eliminated. Good bathroom cost is higher, so it is more expensive! Big brands have large funds, strong R&D, advanced production equipment, strict factory inspection mechanism, can ensure that product quality is higher than national standards!

(3) Brand bathroom can be held responsible once problems arise.

Brand bathroom manufacturers have scale advantages and capital strength. As consumers consume more and more rationally, brand is more and more concentrated. Once problems arise, you can always find the brand manufacturer to blame, if it is a miscellaneous brand, it may not exist in a few years! And the bathroom has been in use for at least ten years. Problems often arise after a few years. In order to be safe and secure, we must buy a brand!

(4) Brand bathroom has strong design and service capabilities.

Sanitary ware is a semi-finished product. It needs to be designed and matched. It needs correct processing, paving and construction supervision. The brand has a perfect training mechanism and service system, which can ensure that your decoration effect meets your expectations and that the design drawings are well presented. If you buy miscellaneous brand bathroom, it may cause serious consequences due to improper installation.

_Brand bathroom, one price, one goods

Brand bathroom, great strength, all over the country have exclusive stores, the price is relatively transparent, buy will not regret! Miscellaneous bathroom stores may be in today, not in the next month, said the smallpox, an impulse to buy. Back home, the cold wind will sober up, go back to the theory can not find anybody!

2. Why can't you buy a cheap bathroom?

(1) Too cheap bathroom, mostly have quality problems.

(1) Too cheap toilets roll over and explode in endless layers;

(2) The tempered glass of the shower room is too cheap to crack and cut the heel, and it is always difficult to defend rights when events occur frequently.

(3) Lead poisoning from too cheap taps affects the healthy growth of the next generation.

(4) The bathroom cabinet is too cheap to plug sticks and cement in order to be false and untrue.

The main types of too cheap sanitary ware

(1) There are various defects in the first-class and qualified products normally sold;

(2) the inventory of products that have been eliminated, the products themselves are not easy to sell, and the styles are seriously outdated;

(3) The products produced by small workshops, Shanzhai bathroom, have no product inspection at all, and the quality is not guaranteed;

(4) Closed bathroom (factory closure, inventory clearance), there is no after-sales guarantee;

(3) Too cheap bathroom is not guaranteed

Failure to provide door-to-door quality assurance and after-sales quality assurance will lead to several problems:

(1) The shower room you bought back occupies too much space to hold at all and refuses to give up.

(2) The shower room exploded, and the shopkeeper didn't charge you a lot of money. He didn't pay much attention to you, let alone pay compensation.

(3) Many times you buy cheap bathrooms and find that after waiting for a long time, the bathroom hasn't arrived at home, only to find that the money has been paid, the store has no more!

3. Why is brand bathroom more expensive than miscellaneous bathroom?

In addition to the cost of materials, the labor cost also accounts for a large part of the sanitary products, including design cost, production cost, installation cost and after-sales service cost. Therefore, when purchasing sanitary products, you are not only purchasing a set of products, but also a set of systematic services and solutions. Therefore, we should not only look at the price of products, but also pay more attention to the quality and soft services of sanitary products.

Expensive cost

When a person goes to buy a bathroom, the price of a monopoly store is 2,000 yuan and that of a grocery store is 800 yuan. Most consumers think of "grocery stores are more than twice cheaper than monopoly stores!" Why not "Why is a grocery store more than twice as cheap as a monopoly store?" It may cost 1800 yuan to sell the bathroom of 2000 yuan in the exclusive store, and 200 yuan is the later service; the cost of the bathroom of 800 yuan in the grocery store is only 400 yuan, and the latter service is not available, making you 400 yuan net, which is really a profit! Brand bathroom because of its excellent material, fine workmanship, the use of human and material resources are much higher than the cost of poor quality bathroom, the sale price is naturally more expensive than miscellaneous brand bathroom.

Safety and comfort

Regular bathroom manufacturers are meticulous about their products. They will strictly check the quality of their products before they leave the factory. They will not allow any unqualified products.